$59 Cleaning, Exam & X-Rays

regular price $280

Offer valid in absence of gum disease. Patients with insurance receive insurance plan pricing. Call for details. Expires 1/31/19.

emergency care

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, please call us immediately. We have the equipment to provide immediate service to stop the pain and get you back to a happy smile.

same day crowns

Waiting for a crown can be inconvenient as temporaries can become loose or fall out while you wait for your permanent. At Rosary Dental, we can have your crown ready the same day.

teeth whitening/Veneers

We provide Rosary Dental patients with easy access to teeth whitening products of the highest quality. Veneers are another option to get that bright white smile you’ve always wanted.


There are now more types of braces than ever, and we can help you select the type that is perfect for your teeth. If you’ve always wanted straighter teeth, call us today to schedule a consultation!

Compassionate and Caring Dentistry for All Patients

Rosary Dental offers caring and compassionate dentistry for our community, and we welcome patients of all ages with special needs. It is our goal to give every member of our community access to the care they need and Dr. Husain has first-hand experience delivering caring and compassionate dentistry to patients with special needs. If you have any questions regarding the dentist and services for a loved one with special needs, please contact us to learn more about how we can provide proper accommodations.

R ather than trying to see you as often as possible, we work to extend the length of time between your appointments. Our goal is to educate each patient because preventing dental problems is cheaper and less painful than fixing those problems.

Dr. Husain is a committed dentist proudly serving the Sharpstown and Westchase areas with dependable dental services utilizing the best technology in the industry.

We Speak Your Language

The professional team at Rosary Dental includes fluent speakers of the following languages:


We fully embrace the diversity of Sharpstown and Westchase, and look forward to meeting the needs of every resident. Contact us to discuss your oral health in your language.


5712 S Gessner Suite F
Houston, Texas 77036

Located in West Houston between Westchase & Sharpstown 



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