Maybe you are all okay in the morning, busy with your routine, and then you unexpectedly experience dental pain that becomes intolerable at some point. Dental pain can often strike without warning or notice and can happen at any time.

If you are experiencing dental pain or irritation, Rosary Dental is here to help. 

Not every toothache or gum ache is considered a dental emergency. So, what exactly is a dental emergency? A dental emergency is when the pain is unbearable or when a dental issue is hampering your daily life so much that you cannot operate without getting it checked.

A few examples.

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Extreme swelling or inflammation
  • Unbearable tooth or gum pain
  • Broken teeth

Rosary Dental provides emergency dental services to relieve your pain. We’re available to talk about your symptoms over the phone, and are also available at our clinic to put your customised treatment plan into action.

What do you have to do to avail of dental emergency services?

Simply Google “emergency dental services,” and you can find Rosary Dental in the results, as we are an emergency dental clinic in Houston, Texas.

Dental emergencies are more likely to occur when you do not adequately care for your teeth and do not follow regular dental hygiene procedures. Regular dental checkups assist you, and our dentist identifies any dental risks at the earliest stage so that it can usually be taken care of when it is a mild problem, keeping you out of severe dental risks.

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