About Rosary Dental

Rosary Dental is a dental practice in Houston. Rosary Dental offers a variety of oral health services for the versatile population of Sharpstown and Westchase. Dr. Aisha leads the office with a compassionate spirit and a commitment to providing every member of the community with dental care of the highest caliber.

She continues to expand her education and embraces modern technology, which allows her to eliminate a lot of the pain and discomfort that was once associated with dental care.


Our Specialties and Services

Our comprehensive list of services covers everything from routine preventative dental care to cosmetic services and orthodontics.

Expertise in a variety of dental specialties allows us to cover most dental needs from one office, and we even create custom crowns in the office with same-day appointments available. We do everything possible to keep our services affordable, convenient and comfortable.

Dental Education in Sharpstown & Westchase

Patient education is Dr. Aisha’s number one priority. She wants to teach the Sharpstown and Westchase area about the importance of preventative dental care because she knows that it’s the solution for many of the dental problems faced by her patients today. With the right information, you can make lifestyle choices that have an amazing impact on your teeth and your overall health.

Specialized technology allows us to give each patient a clear understanding of what to expect from a dental procedure. This relieves anxiety and guides our patients to make the best decisions for their oral health. If you have questions about advanced technology used for dental education in Sharpstown and Westchase today, don’t hesitate to call us.

Special Needs Dentist in Houston tx

Rosary Dental is the perfect place to seek dentistry in Sharpstown if you have any type of special need. Dr. Husain has significant experience working with people who suffer from severe dental anxiety or fears, and she works hard to create a calming environment that naturally eases tension. She can also administer sedatives as needed.

We’re also equipped to accommodate the special needs of patients of all ages. If you or someone you love needs special care, contact us before your next appointment. We will do everything possible to keep every member of your family comfortable and safe. Our services are suitable for children as young as six months old, and we look forward to serving your children from their first tooth to their last.

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