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Propecia is the most well-known anti-baldness drug today. For hair, this is really an amazingly effective remedy, provided that the cause of their loss lies in the area of hormonal imbalance. Its use provokes growth on the head and a change in the condition of the hairline. The hairs themselves become stronger and tougher. After the course of treatment, it is necessary to carry out maintenance therapy in order to maintain the achieved result

Reviews analyzed by dozens of doctors suggest that people who have taken it for a year achieve their goal. At the same time, experts draw your attention to the fact that if, after 12 months, the hairline has not begun to recover, it does not make much sense to continue taking the drug. It is necessary to re-examine and adjust the direction of therapy. But at the same time, it should be noted that the results are impressive. In 90% of men treated with Propecia, the loss stopped, and the hairline began to grow.

During the period of therapy, the number of bald patches is significantly reduced, or they disappear completely. In this case, the Propecia medicine has the most positive effect on the structure of the hair. They become smoother and more beautiful.

A little about therapy

It is impossible to achieve quick results with this tool. The course of prostate treatment usually takes from 5 months, while the problem of baldness can persist much longer. In some cases, it is recommended to take the drug for several years. The drug is most often prescribed in tablet form and taken orally. The drug is easily absorbed and penetrates into tissues and body fluids. The drug has a high level of bioavailability. Begins to act almost instantly, reaching maximum effect approximately two hours after application. The kidneys and liver excrete the decay products, while the metabolites do not affect the functioning of the organs themselves.

It is generally accepted that visible improvements will begin to appear approximately 3-4 months after the start of treatment, but in order for the result to be stable, it is necessary to use the remedy from six months to several years, at the discretion of the attending physician. In this case, the dosage should also be prescribed by a doctor, under careful supervision, it can significantly increase for a certain period.

Patient's well-being during therapy

Propecia is not always 100% well tolerated. Instructions, reviews of former and current patients warn of such changes as a weakening of libido. That is, a healthy man may lose his natural craving for the opposite sex, there will be signs of impotence and a weakening of sexual desire. This is a natural reaction of the body to treatment with hormonal drugs; at the end of the course, the condition will slowly return to normal.

Side effects

  • Their list is quite extensive, which is confirmed by clinical studies, but in some cases, it is still considered reasonable to prescribe Propecia for hair. Reviews speak of allergic reactions and skin itching. Also among the side effects are urticaria and increased sensitivity of the nipples of the breast.

  • Patients, describing their condition, often complain of drowsiness. This is another unpleasant moment that the doctor should warn about. This is due to the indirect effect of the drug on the central nervous system. In certain cases, the development of puffiness on the face and body is noted. Be sure to tell your doctor about this! If he hasn't done a kidney test before, he will do it now.

  • In general, clinical studies indicate that the drug can be used with varying degrees of renal failure. The usual dosage, 5 mg, is suitable for almost everyone, but with a deterioration in the condition and severe swelling, the decision to continue treatment should be made by a doctor. It is advisable to undergo a comprehensive examination, including rectal, for the presence of prostate cancer even before treatment.

Taking the drug Propecia is contraindicated in the presence of the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy and lactation

  • Age less than 12 years old

  • Individual intolerance.

Women should not resort to using this medicine. In addition, it is strongly recommended to avoid contact with the drug during pregnancy, even considering that the active substance of the dosage form is coated with a special coating.

Side effects

How long does the effect last

Indeed, received from men who took Propecia, the reviews mostly speak of good results. Regardless of the area of baldness, a new hairline gradually begins to grow. Accordingly, the question arises as to how long this effect will be. Unfortunately, the drug can give a complete cure only if baldness is directly related to dysfunction of the prostate gland. Then both problems are solved at the same time.

If hair loss is a consequence of androgenetic alopecia, that is, it has a genetic predisposition to an increased content of testosterone in the blood, then the treatment will have only a temporary effect. After the drug is discontinued, the hair will begin to fall out again. Your doctor may prescribe a maintenance dosage to be taken continuously.

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