Amazing doctor!!!!! Amazing staff, my dentist for life!

Rabia Rashid Avatar
Rabia Rashid

Dr. Husain is awesome. Somehow, she manages to turn a visit to the dentist into a fun thing. I absolutely hate getting the anesthetic shot for numbing your mouth before a procedure, but she will usually do something hilarious like sing a song while she’s giving you the shot so you don’t even notice it. She repaired some fillings and a root canal I had done previously by a different dentist, and was able to solve my tooth pain issue very quickly. She also pointed out some problem areas I had that needed attention before they become bigger problems. I am really happy now because she moved her office a lot closer to where I live, and I recommend her very highly to anyone needing any kind of dental work.

Faisal Hasan Avatar
Faisal Hasan

Very friendly service and really knowledgeable about insurance. 👍

Syed Imraan Husain Avatar
Syed Imraan Husain

An amazing experience! Dr. Aisha did a phenomenal job and was very educational throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Adam Fuller Avatar
Adam Fuller

Loved having Dr. Husain work on my teeth! She did an excellent job, I felt very comfortable and she explained everything thoroughly! I had severe pain and she made sure to take the necessary x-rays to determine the cause. The waiting room is also very clean and comfortable to wait in. Thanks Dr. H!

Arifa R. Avatar
Arifa R.
Rosary Dental, Rosary Dental

I had an awesome experience. The staff is super friendly. The dentist was caring and professional. I will recommend Rosary Dental to all my friends and family.

Maj Msrpres Avatar
Maj Msrpres