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When our patients want or need to taper off their benzodiazepine treatment, we usually switch them to Valium. This drug has a longer half-life, which allows avoiding severe withdrawal. This process goes smoothly, and side effects are insignificant. We’ve been using this method for many years, and it has always been working well.

This drug helps calm anxiety when you feel it reaching its peak. Don't be afraid of panic attacks, Valium is really good for calming. You should not take it regularly due to the risk of addiction, but you should not stop taking this drug in such situations. This saves you a lot.

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  • Liam from Los Angeles California

    - After a severe sports trauma, I had to leave football. The pain I got in my right knee was excruciating. Advil and other painkillers I managed to buy OTC didn’t work, so I had an appointment with my traumatologist. I was diagnosed with muscle spasticity and prescribed Valium. The drug really helped me. After the very first pill, my knee pain got better.

  • Ethan from New York New York

    - Valium is the first and only anxiolytic I’ve ever used. My GP prescribed it for anxiety some years ago. Since that time, I’ve never stopped taking it. I know that’s wrong, and I’m probably dependent on it, but this fact doesn’t bother me. I don’t feel any side effects and can enjoy my life. It’s all due to Valium, so I’m not going to stop the treatment.

  • Mila from Chicago Illinois

    - In 2011, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I fought that disease but gained depression instead. In 2016, it was exacerbated by anxiety. I struggled a lot to get my life back to the norm, but it was not until 2018 when I was prescribed Valium. This drug works wonders! Anxiety is gone, and my depression treatment also works well. Such a great feeling!

  • Violet from Houston Texas

    - Valium is the best benzodiazepine I’ve ever used. I used to take Ambien and Klonopin for anxiety, but Valium turned out to be the most effective. I also like that it doesn’t make me sleepy or tired like other treatments. Don’t know why it is so, but I’m really happy about that. Now I’m on 5 mg twice daily but will soon get to 3 times a day.

  • Lily from Phoenix Arizona

    - I used to take Ativan for anxiety, but when I wanted to taper off the treatment, I faced lots of withdrawal symptoms, so my doctor recommended switching to Valium. Thanks to such a decision, I managed to get off benzodiazepines easily, with minimum side effects. Valium really does wonders. I’ve felt it myself!

  • Camila from Columbus Ohio

    - I started taking Valium in 2018. I was on and off the drug for a couple of years, trying to substitute it with non-benzodiazepine drugs. Still, the alternative treatments weren’t as effective as Valium, so I returned to using this drug again and again. I’m 64, and I’m not afraid of tolerance and dependence. I just don’t want to spend my life in anxiety.

  • Chloe from Oklahoma City Oklahoma

    - Valium got to my nightstand a year ago when I faced insomnia. I didn’t sleep for a week or so, and my mom said she had a great sleeping pill, which was Valium. That night I was sleeping like a newborn. Since that time, I’ve been taking Valium once in a while when I can’t sleep. I like that it works fast, and I don’t have the typical sleeping pills hangover in the morning.

  • Paisley from Kansas City Missouri

    - I’m an alcoholic, sober for the last five months. Valium was one of the things that saved me on my way to soberness. I had an alcohol withdrawal with tremors, anxiety, headaches, and all the staff accompanying this process. Valium helped me relieve the symptoms and go through that difficult period with dignity. I’m so grateful for that!

  • Penelope from Tampa Florida

    - I used to take 10 mg Valium pills twice daily to soothe pain caused by fibromyalgia. It has been working really well for more than a year, but then I’ve felt I need more. After a consultation with a doctor, I increased the dosage by 5 mg. It helped a bit, but some pain remained. Finally, I added another 5 mg. Now I’m on 30 mg daily and feel great.

  • Riley from Henderson Nevada

    - My doctor told me about the risk of taking Valium long-term, but they mean nothing to me because this drug helps me relieve muscle spasticity in my left hip. But for Valium, I guess I wouldn’t be able to spend even some minutes on my feet. This drug makes my life better. I take 5 mg three times a day. It works, and I hope this won’t change.

  • Abigail from Newark New Jersey

    - I started taking Valium two years ago before spinal fusion surgery. The operation went well, but I continued taking Valium. The pain is still not gone. I feel better only when taking pills. I wanted to switch to some other painkiller, but they were either ineffective or caused side effects. Luckily, I’m not addicted to Valium, which is good news.

  • Emilia from Lubbock Texas

    - I have GAD and panic disorder. Been suffering from these conditions for years, and during all this time, I’ve been taking Valium. I take 10 mg two times a day, but I remember times I needed 40 mg daily to keep anxiety under control. I can’t say I feel healthy, sometimes I do get panic attacks, but with Valium, they go much milder than without it.

  • Hannah from Sioux Falls South Dakota

    - Alcoholism took 10 years of my life. I decided I had enough two years ago when I woke up half-naked on my neighbor’s lawn with a tremor, severe headache, and confusion. I was taken to an ER, where they gave me Valium. It soothed the symptoms fast. After that, I’ve been on this drug for a month to stop drinking alcohol. Now, I’m sober.

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