Periodontal Treatment in Westchase & Sharpstown TX in 77036

Periodontist Treatment in West Houston, TX 77036

There are a variety of periodontal treatments that you may receive at Rosary Dental, including scaling and root planing. This is a procedure that removes plaque from around and below the gum line, relieving the root cause of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gum grafting and other periodontal treatments are also possibilities, depending on the current condition of your gums and teeth.

When you contact our periodontist at Rosary Dental, you will receive a customized treatment plan. Dr. Aisha will structure treatment around your unique needs, ensuring improvement in your oral health as quick as possible.

The health of your gums and teeth is directly related to the health of your heart. Prompt periodontal treatment can also save you from missing teeth and years of bleeding gums and pain. Call us today for a comprehensive dental exam. This is the first step towards a complete smile restoration, but it may also lower your risk of experiencing complications with other health conditions.

Gum Disease in West Houston, TX 77036

Gum disease starts with gingivitis and advances to periodontal disease if not properly treated. If you have gingivitis, your gums are inflamed around the teeth. This is a result of plaque accumulation near or under the gum line, which causes irritation, inflammation and bleeding when you brush your teeth.

When bacteria and plaque cause infection deeper in the gums and in the tissue supporting your teeth, you’re diagnosed with periodontal disease. This is a more serious problem that will eventually lead to loose or missing teeth and gums that are swollen, red and easy to bleed.

Rosary Dental is the right place to turn if you have gum disease in any stage. Our periodontist, Dr. Aisha can help eliminate infection and harmful bacteria from your gums while working to strengthen the bone and supportive tissue that your teeth need to remain tight, strong and healthy.

Contact us today for an appointment with our periodontist in Westchase & Sharpstown, TX 77036.

What is Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal treatment is designed to remove plaque from your teeth and the underlying pockets in order to prevent the collection of disease-causing bacteria. The goal is to keep the teeth and roots clean so that the gums can return to a healthy state. That means that the gums should stop bleeding and receding while inflammation is eliminated.

Most periodontal treatment plans start with a deep cleaning. That’s the process of removing plaque that has accumulated on the teeth from years of improper care. For many patients, that’s enough to restore health to the teeth and gums as long as daily care is maintained at home. Other patients may need other forms of periodontal treatment before their gums return to health.

Do You Need Periodontal Treatment?

You may need periodontal treatment if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding from gums
  • Space between teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Tender or sore gums
  • Red or purplish gums
  • Receding Gums
  • Bad breath

You may also notice changes in your bite as gum disease alters the manner in which your teeth come together when your mouth is closed. Some patients also find it more difficult to chew as the disease progresses.

It’s best to contact Rosary Dental at the first sign of gum disease. The faster the periodontal treatment is applied, the less likely you are to lose your teeth.

Periodontal Treatment Cost in Houston, Texas 77036

The cost of periodontal treatment depends on the stage of your disease and the treatments needed. Non-surgical treatments are more affordable than surgical interventions, so treating the disease early is easier on your budget. Our professionals are trained to look for early signs of gum disease because we want to heal your gums before they become an obstacle to your health and your budget.

After signs of periodontal disease are detected at Rosary Dental, our team of professionals will create a custom treatment plan that details the best periodontal treatments for your current condition. We will discuss the cost of treatments and will work with your insurance and budget to deliver quality care that doesn’t create a financial burden.

Periodontal Disease Treatment in 77036

Rosary Dental is committed to providing excellent periodontal disease treatments to all Houston residents. If you aren’t currently a patient, contact us to schedule a dental exam and cleaning. We’ll assess your current oral health and will determine if periodontal disease is a risk. You never make important decisions without detailed information and answers to all of your questions. Our dedicated staff wants to bring your gums back to health. Contact us today!

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