Teeth Whitening in Westchase & Sharpstown, TX 77036

Teeth Whitening in West Houston, TX 77036

We provide Rosary Dental patients with easy access to teeth whitening products of the highest quality. You may receive in-office treatments that allow you to relax while our professionals do the work, or you can take home a whitening kit. Some patients may choose in-office treatments that are later supplemented with at-home kits to continue the whitening process over time.

Best Teeth Whitening in West Houston, TX 77036

  • Boost – This in-office service takes less than an hour to complete and is implemented by a well-trained professional. This is a safe bleaching system that can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades in a single treatment.
  • Zoom – These affordable whitening treatments are available in the office or as a take-home kit that allows you to brighten your teeth at a more convenient time.
  • Kor – Kor was developed as an alternative to lasers and lights that aren’t always effective at whitening teeth. These treatments are considered safe for most people.

Teeth Whitening in Houston, TX 77036

It’s difficult to determine which of these whitening systems is best for your teeth, but our experienced team will help you make that decision. The best option depends on the current condition of your teeth, your budget and your overall goals.

If over-the-counter products haven’t delivered satisfying results, visit Rosary Dental to explore your options for professional teeth whitening. You may also consider dentist-guided whitening services if you want to make sure that your chosen whitening method is safe for the current condition of your gums and teeth.

When you make a whitening appointment at our comprehensive dental office, we will start with a thorough overview of your dental health. Our dedicated team of professionals will then provide in-depth information that you can use to guide your dental decisions. This includes a comprehensive overview of treatments suitable for your gums and teeth today.

Contact us today for effective and safe teeth whitening in Westchase & Sharpstown, TX. We look forward to brightening your amazing smile.

Teeth Cleaning in West Houston, TX 77036

The process of whitening your teeth extends to routine home care. If you aren’t brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day, you can’t expect the health of your teeth to shine. If you look in the mirror and are unsatisfied with the color of your teeth, start by perfecting your daily dental routine. You can then contact Rosary Dental for additional treatments that will bring out the best in your smile.

Deep Cleaning Teeth in West Houston, TX 77036

If you have healthy teeth and gums, you’re likely losing the sparkle in your smile due to the following factors:

  • Stains
  • Excessive fluoride absorption
  • Antibiotics
  • Age

If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee or alcohol, you’re more likely to have stains on your teeth. The foods that you eat combined with poor oral hygiene can also contribute to staining that destroys the natural color of your teeth.

The first step to professional teeth whitening is often a deep cleaning. Your dentist will remove the stains that have accumulated on your teeth over the years, bringing out your natural whiteness immediately. If that isn’t enough to achieve the shade of white that you desire, our team of professionals will discuss other teeth whitening options.

Teeth Cleaning Cost in Houston, TX 77036

The cost of teeth whitening depends on the type of treatment applied and the number of treatments needed to restore your pearly whites. Take-home teeth whitening kits may cost a bit less than in-office treatments, but it’s best to follow the customized treatment plan provided by your dentist. You want to use the safest and most effective whitening treatment for the current condition of your teeth and gums.

It may seem like over-the-counter teeth whitening products are the most cost-effective approach, but that’s not always the case. You may spend money on multiple products before you find one that actually works, and then you will need to repeat the treatment multiple times to achieve your desired shade of white.

In most cases, you can get the same results in less time by discussing your options with your dentist from the start. You’re also less likely to damage your teeth and gums if you use a whitening protocol that is recommended by your dentist with your unique dental needs in mind.

Teeth Cleaning Near Me in Houston, TX 77036

Don’t spend another day wishing you had a bright smile. Contact Rosary Dental in Houston to find the best way to quickly whiten your teeth safely. We want to boost your confidence by restoring your teeth to their natural glow.

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