WisdomTooth Extraction in Westchase & Sharpstown

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Houston,TX

Our dental professionals work as one team, so you will receive the same information whether you’re talking to our hygienists or Dr. Aisha. This ensures that you receive the best service with all of your needs covered throughout the tooth extraction process. We work hard to perfect our communication skills to ensure that you have a great experience at Rosary Dental.

If your tooth extraction requires specialized services, Dr. Aisha will make recommendations. In some cases, we can bring specialists to our office so that it’s more convenient for you. In most cases, teeth extractions are performed at Rosary Dental without specialized services.

We make every effort possible to preserve your natural teeth, but there are times when tooth extractions are the healthiest option. This often occurs when teeth are too badly decayed, diseased or injured for restorative procedures. Whether it’s one tooth or multiple teeth, Dr. Aisha will assess your current dental condition and make personalized recommendations designed to restore your smile and improve your oral health.

When you need teeth extractions, we have the equipment to remove your teeth with as little pain as possible, and we make sure that you understand the process before we begin. Our intraoral technology allows us to show you what to expect from the procedure, so feel free to ask questions before or after the extraction.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Westchase & Sharpstown

You may need to have a wisdom teeth removal if they start to cause pain or if your mouth is overcrowded. This is a common procedure that Dr. Aisha has years of experience performing, and our dental team has proven strategies to keep you as comfortable as possible. We may recommend wisdom teeth removal if we detect a problem during your routine exam, or you can call us at any time if you’re concerned about your wisdom teeth.

Rosary Dental Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you experience anxiety or have other concerns regarding teeth extractions or wisdom teeth removal, our compassionate team is always available to answer questions and provide detailed information. We may also give you an email or personal cell phone number that allows you to reach a member of our team as needed. This is our way of easing tension so that our patients never feel alone.

Do you have a tooth that may need to be removed? Contact us today to schedule an exam and talk about the best treatment options in Westchase & Sharpstown.

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This may cost around $75 to $200 per tooth for simple extraction. While other extraction methods cost may start from $225.

Yes, it might be possible. Consult dentists at Rosary Dental which offers affordable wisdom teeth removal.

If you cannot afford to get your wisdom teeth out then you can consult a free dental clinic that treats patients who do not have dental insurance or have no money. Also, you can contact some dentists who can give you some easy payment options so that you can pay the amount in small installments.

It may cost around $230. Consult your dental doctor to get the approximate cost estimate.

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