Root Canals in West Houston, TX 77036


Root Canals in West Houston, TX 77036

 If you need specialized endodontics care, Dr. Aisha will connect you with a qualified professional with the expertise and experience that you need. In some cases, we can bring specialists into our office, allowing you to receive advanced dental care in a familiar setting. These arrangements are negotiated according to the unique needs and preferences of each patient.

Rosary Dental is your go-to destination for root canals. A root canal is a common dental procedure that is often needed when the pulp inside of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed. This may cause significant pain, swelling, redness and bleeding that is sometimes cured through antibiotics and other medications. Dr. Aisha may recommend a root canal if those alternative treatments aren’t adequate for the infection inside your tooth.

While root canals were historically thought of as painful experiences that everyone wanted to avoid, modern technology has eliminated much of the discomfort. We make every effort to keep our patients free of pain throughout the procedure, and we can prescribe medication to help patients through the brief recovery period.

If you experience significant anxiety or other emotional distress before your root canal appointment, we can provide warmth and comfort to relieve your tension. Our team may also keep in touch with you through email or telephone, so you’re never alone when you receive root canals from Rosary Dental.

Root Canals in West Houston 77036

At Rosary Dental, we believe in putting technology to good use. We use intraoral equipment to show our patients what will happen during an upcoming dental procedure. That should help you understand the root canal process so that you know what to expect. The goal is to ease your anxiety through education that is easy to understand.

We also practice open communication between members of our staff. This elevates our patient care by ensuring that every member of the team is fully informed and able to answer questions as needed. Feel free to openly engage each of our professionals because we want to make your experience at Rosary Dental comfortable and rewarding.

If you’re currently in pain or you know that a root canal may improve your dental health, call us today. We look forward to helping you relieve your teeth and gums of infection and inflammation.

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