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emergency care

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, please call us immediately. We have the equipment to provide immediate service to stop the pain and get you back to a happy smile.

same day crowns

Waiting for a crown can be inconvenient as temporaries can become loose or fall out while you wait for your permanent. At Rosary Dental, we can have your crown ready the same day.


We provide Rosary Dental patients with easy access to teeth whitening products of the highest quality. Veneers are another option to get that bright white smile you’ve always wanted.


There are now more types of braces than ever, and we can help you select the type that is perfect for your teeth. If you’ve always wanted straighter teeth, call us today to schedule a consultation!

If you’re ready to talk about your current and future dental needs, contact us today.

Dr. Husain is awesome. Somehow, she manages to turn a visit to the dentist into a fun thing. I absolutely hate getting the anesthetic shot for numbing your mouth before a procedure, but she will usually do something hilarious like sing a song while she’s giving you the shot so you don’t even notice it. She repaired some fillings and a root canal I had done previously by a different dentist, and was able to solve my tooth pain issue very quickly. She also pointed out some problem areas I had that needed attention before they become bigger problems. I am really happy now because she moved her office a lot closer to where I live, and I recommend her very highly to anyone needing any kind of dental work.

Faisal Hasan Avatar
Faisal Hasan

I had an awesome experience. The staff is super friendly. The dentist was caring and professional. I will recommend Rosary Dental to all my friends and family.

Maj Msrpres Avatar
Maj Msrpres

Amazing doctor!!!!! Amazing staff, my dentist for life!

Rabia Rashid Avatar
Rabia Rashid

Compassionate and Caring Dentistry for All Patients

Rosary Dental offers caring and compassionate dentistry for our community, and we welcome patients of all ages and special needs. It is our goal to give every member of our community access to the care they need and Dr. Aisha has first-hand experience delivering caring and compassionate dentistry to patients with special needs. If you have any questions regarding the dentist and services for a loved one with special needs, please contact us to learn more about how we can provide proper accommodations.

R ather than trying to see you as often as possible, we work to extend the length of time between your appointments. Our goal is to educate each patient because preventing dental problems is cheaper and less painful than fixing those problems.

Dr. Aisha is a committed dentist in 77036 proudly serving the Sharpstown and Westchase areas with dependable dental services utilizing the best technology in the industry.

We Speak Your Language

The professional team at Rosary Dental includes fluent speakers of the following languages:


We fully embrace the diversity of Sharpstown and Westchase (77036), and look forward to meeting the needs of every resident. Contact us to discuss your oral health in your language.

A Dentist with Better Technology & Better Service

Our team members are focused on advancing their education and studying the latest techniques and strategies in the dental field. We’re also committed to investing in the most advanced technology because we want to deliver amazing results in as little time as possible. Updated equipment in our fully renovated office also allows us to minimize discomfort for every patient. You should expect nothing less from your dentist in 77036 – Westchase and Sharpstown.

Same-Day Crowns in West Houston,TX

You no longer have to wait days or weeks for custom crowns. When Rosary Dental is your preferred dentist in Sharpstown and Westchase, you receive same-day crowns that protect your teeth and improve your smile without the wait. We use advanced Cerec equipment and in-depth expertise to create quality crowns in the office. That speeds up the process and allows us to maintain complete control for greater accuracy and consistent quality.


Oral Surgery in West Houston, TX

Bring your best smile to life with comprehensive oral surgery services from Rosary Dental. We make it easy to upgrade dentures to dental implants that look and function more like natural teeth. We can also provide comfortable teeth extractions, including wisdom teeth removal with oral sedation. Do you need grafting? Our surgical team is prepared to handle that with as little discomfort as possible.What is Oral Surgery?

It’s a general term that includes a variety of procedures designed to correct injured, diseased or failing tissue in the mouth. Most surgical procedures involve the teeth and gums, but some patients may also need maxillofacial surgery that extends to the jawline. From extracting impacted wisdom teeth to dental implants, Rosary Dental has the training and resources to provide prompt oral surgery for Houston patients.

Are you looking for “oral surgery near me?” Give us a call to discuss your options with a passionate team of well-trained surgical professionals.


Full & Partial Dentures in West Houston, TX

Failing or missing teeth can impact the functioning of your mouth as well as your confidence. Our goal is to help restore your smile so that you can enjoy your favorite foods and communicate with others in the most natural fashion. Rosary Dental is committed to providing affordable dentures to all Houston patients because excellent oral health is critical to a strong heart and healthy life.

Our expertise extends to full and partial dentures. We take the time to educate each patient on their tooth replacement options, allowing you to consider the pros and cons of dentures as well as dental implants. Whether you have one missing tooth or all of your teeth are ready for replacement, our dedicated staff can help you create a natural smile that you want to show off.

Your search for “dentures near me” is over when you step foot in our comfortable dental office. Allow us to provide thorough care for your teeth, natural or artificial.

Full-Mouth Rehab Dentist 

O ur professionals work hand-in-hand to provide smile transformations for every patient. If you need full-mouth rehabilitation, our hygienists are thoroughly updated on your unique treatment plan. This ensures that every person providing care understands the rehab process and your personal needs.

If you need specialized services to complete your full-mouth rehab, Dr. Aisha will bring the professionals into the office for your convenience. Each dental rehab requires a different list of services, but some of the most common services include:


We take the time to answer your questions and provide detailed along with intraoral examples that are easy to understand. We can even provide direct access to our professionals through email or personal cell phone numbers for patients struggling with dental anxiety or fear.

At Rosary Dental, the appearance of your smile is just as important as the overall health of your teeth and gums. We want you to flash your beautiful smile in complete confidence, but we don’t want you to spend all of your free time in the chair. We spend more time educating ourselves and invest more in technology so that we can reduce the number of visits that you need each year.

If you’re ready to talk about your current and future dental needs, contact us today.

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