Children's Dentistry & Special Needs Dentistry in Houston, TX

Children's Dentistry & Special Needs Dentistry in Houston, TX

Children require special treatment and a different approach than an adult patient does. Tooth decay can occur anywhere from age two to 18 and is easy to miss as a parent, which is why regular pediatric dentist visits are so important. It’s vital to the child’s oral health that appointments are made and kept regularly. A little extra care can now avoid a lot of extra expenses later. Tooth decay is a silent but expensive part of children’s oral health. However, it doesn’t have to be that way if you plan and your child gets the proper preventative care to avoid future issues.

A patient needing children’s dentistry is looking for a dentist who can spot typical dental problems and childhood-specific issues like thumb-sucking and the pain that teething can cause. Children often have accidents or injure themselves, and a children’s dentist is adept at treating those injuries. A pediatric dentist can also spot early warning signs that can help a parent avoid the expense of orthodontic visits down the road.

Caring for Children is Our Pleasure

Most pediatric dentists are also adept at handling the emotional needs of children. Since children often require a softer touch and gentle care, children’s dentistry typically goes hand in hand with special needs dentistry. Children’s dentists are already skilled in handling young patients. Our dentist in Houston, TX, already has the training and high-tech equipment that children with special needs such as autism, anxiety, and developmental disabilities require.

Complete Family Care to Fit Your Needs

Starting with a complete dental exam, Dr. Aisha Husain can offer a comprehensive, long-term treatment plan tailored to your child’s needs. Our caring staff offers the attentive service that children and special needs patients require. Finding the right dentist is important to you and your child, so we take our responsibility to your family seriously. We love treating children, and it shows. Our office has everything you expect from a top-notch family dentist, from a comfortable waiting area to the modern equipment needed to care for the entire family.

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