How Long Does a Dental Cleaning Take?

October 1, 2022

Dental cleaning is crucial to oral and overall health. For example, it helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease and their effects on your health and smile. Therefore, it is important to go for dental exams and cleanings in Houston, TX. Continue reading to learn more about preventive dentistry treatment.

Duration of a Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning by the dentist in Houston, TX, is always preceded by a thorough oral exam. The evaluation helps the dental expert check your teeth and gums for indications of oral health issues. Both procedures are usually carried out within an hour.

However, the duration may vary from individual to individual. The factors contributing to the variance include your dental health and the experience of your dentist. For example, if the teeth and gums are healthy, the treatment will take a short time and vice versa. In addition, if they are broken or decayed, the process will take longer.

An experienced dental team works faster to remove plaque and tartar than an inexperienced one. In addition, you will get faster treatment in a dental clinic with the right equipment.

How Often Should You Get Teeth Cleanings?

Dental professionals recommend dental cleanings at least twice every year. Going for the procedures once every six months allows the dentist to remove plaque before it hardens to tartar. Regular visits also enable them to detect and treat oral health issues early.

However, some people need to see a dentist every three months instead of six. Frequent cleanings are beneficial because they help patients maintain better oral health. For example, they help gum disease patients reverse or manage the infection. As a result, they avoid severe oral tissue damage such as teeth and jawbone loss.

These more frequent dental cleanings are recommended for individuals who use tobacco products. They help them reduce the risks of oral health issues caused by nicotine. These include gum infections, oral cancer, poor oral wound healing, and teeth discoloration. They are also great for people with a high risk of plaque and tartar buildup.

Pregnant women need dental cleanings more often. This is due to changes in their mouth caused by a surge in hormones, poor oral hygiene, and dietary changes. People with diabetes also require frequent teeth cleanings. The treatment helps them avoid the impact of varying blood sugar levels in the mouth.

The Importance of Dental Exam and Cleaning

The dentist in Houston, TX, recommends regular dental exams and cleanings. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Professional dental exams and cleanings help improve and maintain your oral health. As a result, you avoid issues caused by poor oral health, such as caries, tooth loss, and diabetes.
  2. The procedure helps your dentist detect and diagnose potential oral problems early. This enables them to provide appropriate treatment for the problems before they worsen.
  3. The dentist removes all plaque and tartar from your teeth and on the gum line. As a result, your smile becomes whiter and more attractive.
  4. Dental exams and cleanings are crucial in treating gum disease. The dentist performs deep cleaning eliminating plaque and bacteria. They also clear any periodontal pockets helping the gums heal faster.
  5. The procedures help you save money because dental health plans fully cover them. Avoiding exams and cleanings results in severe oral health issues that are costly to treat. An example is tooth replacements using dental implants.
  6. The dentist takes note of your oral health during dental exams and cleanings. They maintain your dental health records, updating them after each dental visit. The records are beneficial when you go to a new dentist or have a dental emergency.
  7. The dentist will recommend ways to maintain optimum oral health during the procedure. For example, they will teach you to brush and floss properly. They also advise against habits that damage teeth, such as nail biting and tooth grinding.
  8. They help avoid several trips to the dentist, saving you time. Visits to the dentist between regular dental exams and cleanings will be few or none.

Dental exams and cleanings are beneficial to adults and kids. Schedule an appointment for the entire family at Rosary Dental. We have the appropriate expertise and equipment to provide dental exams and cleanings in Houston, TX.

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