How Many Sessions Are Required To Whiten Your Teeth?

November 1, 2022

Whiter teeth improve your smile, making it more aesthetically pleasing. This improves your self-esteem and confidence, helping you to interact with others comfortably. Achieving perfect pearly white teeth is possible if a dentist performs the teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening requires more than one session to achieve the desired shade of teeth. The frequency of dental visits for teeth whitening in Missouri City depends on various factors. For example, if your teeth are not deeply stained, you will attend fewer sessions. They are also determined by the type of treatment provided. Read on for more about teeth whitening.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure to eliminate stains on teeth, making them look whiter and more attractive. A dentist performs professional teeth whitening or in-office teeth whitening in their office. That is why it is also referred to as in-office treatment.

The dentist brightens your smile through various teeth whitening systems. They include:

  1. Deep Bleaching

It is a teeth whitening procedure that eliminates even the most stubborn stains. Deep bleaching involves several visits to the dentist. First, the dentist will evaluate your teeth and then customize bleaching trays for you. Next, they polish the teeth to make them more permeable to oxygen for easier bleaching.

After, they fill the tray with a hydrogen peroxide gel and put it over your teeth. They will remove the gel after 20 minutes. Next, they will reload the tray with new gel and reinsert it into the teeth for another 20 minutes. Later, you will be sent home with a whitening kit which you will use for 14 consecutive nights. Then, you will return to the dentist for a typical bleaching session.

  1. Zoom!® Chairside.

First, the dentist applies hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. They then accelerate the bleaching process using Zoom! Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. The dentist applies the bleaching agent again three times at 15-minute intervals. This procedure takes about an hour.

  1. Laser Teeth Whitening

The dentist will apply hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. Next, they will use an ultraviolet or led light to enhance the whitening process. Then, they will suction off the gel and apply a fresh one repeating the previous step. The treatment lasts from 30-60 minutes.

How Many Teeth Whitening Treatments Do I Need?

You only need one teeth whitening treatment per year for an amazing smile. However, the dentist may send you home with whitening kits to continue the treatment. This usually happens if your teeth are severely stained and do not respond well in a single session.

For example, the dentist will perform deep bleaching if your teeth have very deep stains. It involves scrubbing the teeth and bleaching them. The dentist near you usually provides a home whitening kit for 14 days. After this period, you will go back for a final whitening procedure.

Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

  • The dentist ensures the safety of your gums and teeth during the procedure. For example, they paint resin on your gums to protect them from irritation caused by the agent.
  • The procedures provide better and longer-lasting results compared to other teeth whitening treatments.
  • They eliminate deep and surface tooth stains, unlike at-home whitening treatments.
  • The treatment can be customized according to individual needs for a more natural-looking smile.
  • The process is convenient since the dentist does most of the work.
  • The dentist combines teeth whitening treatment with professional teeth cleaning. This promotes good oral and general health.

Are You a Candidate for a Professional Teeth Whitening?

People can whiten their teeth at home or in beauty salons. However, in-office teeth whitening is safer, faster, and more effective. It is recommended for patients with tooth and gum hypersensitivity. The dentist uses products and techniques that help avoid severe side effects of the bleaching agents.

You should also have your teeth whitened by a dentist if you have deep tooth stains. They help eliminate or cover permanent stains for a whiter, more attractive smile. In addition, patients with thin enamel due to age or genetics should whiten their teeth at a dentist’s office. Contact us at Rosary Dental for professional teeth whitening.

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